Edina MN Restaurants That You Should Try During Your Next Visit

It is always nice having plenty of options for places to eat when you are in a new city. Did you think we were done looking at the best restaurants in the city of Edina MN? I have four more top picks, and you might just think that these are the best yet. This suburb of Minneapolis is a top spot to visit in Minnesota if you ask me. When you get to Edina, you might end up enjoying a meal at one of the following restaurants.

Convention Grill and Fountain is on Sunnyside Road, and let me just tell you that the burgers look extra delicious. I will say that they look a little different, too, but different is good. Convention Grill and Fountain is said to serve up huge portions, and there are ice cream sundaes on the menu, too. One thing I noticed in the reviews is that the place also serves up malts, and boy does that take me back.

Redstone American Grill is a good restaurant to stop by as well, and it is found on Eden Road. Buffalo shrimp, cornbread and all kinds of great seafood can be found at this restaurant. You might have tried fish tacos before, but have you tried seabass tacos? I wonder if many other places use seabass for their tacos. Either way, Redstone American Grill sounds like a great place to enjoy a meal.

Hello Pizza is your place to eat a delicious pizza pie, and it is located on Sunnyside Road. There is said to be a photo booth there, too. You can order up pizza by the slice, isn’t that cool? Reviews mention that the place has a daily special, which is also a nice touch. Hello Pizza sounds like a really unique place indeed.

Zumbro Cafe is located on West 43rd Street, and it is known as a unique brunch spot. Have you ever tried a trout salad? It sounds like an interesting menu option, and doesn’t it seem like that’s a common theme with restaurants in Edina MN? It’s like every restaurant I feature serves up some unique eats. It’s always fun to have new experiences and try new foods. Get ready to enjoy some excellent dishes at the four Edina MN restaurants I have described to you. Then you can also head into Minneapolis and try out some of the best restaurants there, too.